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Nursery crate
Nursery crate
Nursery crate
Nursery crate
Nursery crate
Nursery crate
Nursery crate
Nursery crate

Nursery crate

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● Used for weaned piglets

● Nursery stall(2.4*3.6*0.7)

● Use plastic floor, high strength, Prevent slippery, not water

● Fence, PVC panel, two fixed square tubes above;

● Support beam, 100mm fiberglass support beam

● Stainless steel standard fittings;

● Anti corrosion treatment,overall hot galvanized, the thickness of galvanized no less than 80μm

Nursery crate

Nursery crate


● Suggested feeding of 2-4 litter weaners, each piglet takes up an area of 0.35㎡;

● Full PVC fence, the fence length/width ratio is 3:2, the stall door can be entirely open or closed, the PVC fencing is with thermal performance and easy for sterilizing.

● Upper two row of galvanized horizontal bars, internal effective ventilation, entire hot-dip galvanized design, galvanized standard is above national standard.

Supporting Facilities:

● Flooring: half slatted floor , made of primary particle industrial plastic, each slat of floor is arched to avoid the accumulation of feces and urine, maintaining the dryness and cleanness of bedding; half slatted floor is combined with floor heating, solid floor heating width doesn’t exceed 1/3 of the stalls;

● Thermal casing: can be installed to ensure the thermal comfort of piglets;

● Feeding trough: dry feed and wet feed stainless steel double sided troughs, solid flooring underneath;

● Drinking bowl: stainless steel drinking bowl according to feeding amount;

● Thermal casing can be added to heating area, in case of need, to ensure the thermal stability of the heating area. 

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