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Gestation pen
Gestation pen
Gestation pen
Gestation pen
Gestation pen
Gestation pen
Gestation pen
Gestation pen

Gestation pen

  • Added: 2021-08-23
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● Used for mating pigs and gestation sows

● Size: 0.6-0.65*2.2-2.3m*1.1m;

● Frame: φ26×2.5mm round tube, φ21.3×2.3mm lining round tube

● Front door: φ26×2.5mm round tube

● Rear frame: single-open back door/ double-open back door, φ26×2.5mm round tube

● Pull rob: φ21.3×2.3mm hot galvanized tube, three robs

● Anticorrosion treatment, overall hot galvanized, the thickness of galvanized no less than 80μm

● Accessories include standard fittings, pin roll etc.


● According to gestation time, feeding is centralized using single stalls, convenient for observation and management of sows, avoiding their fighting, biting, hustling, and bullying.

● Sizes range from 2200 x650mm to 2400x650mm, according to different herds, design should differ from pre and post gestation period;

● The stall and feeding design are integrated, fixed quantity feeding, easy for feed loading, water-supply and the mechanized cleaning of manure;

● Optimized stall opening device, consisting of two kinds: single-open back door stall, and double-open back door stall; convenient for the worker’s operation when opening and closing stalls. 

Supporting Facilities:

● Feeding troughs: stainless steel trough or resin trough

● Flooring: slatted floor, slat rate is less than 20%


● Hot dip galvanized metal

● Long using life for 20 years

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