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Boar crate
Boar crate
Boar crate
Boar crate

Boar crate

  • Added: 2021-08-23
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● Size: 3.0*2.5*1.2m;

● Frame: φ32×2.5mm round tube,Ø21.3×2.3mm lining round tube;

● Front door: φ32×2.5mm round tube;

● Connection: latch connection, expansion bolt connection with ground;

● Anticorrosiontreantment,overall hot galvanized, the thickness of galvanized no less than 80μm;              

● Stainless steel standard fittings ;


● Cast iron feeding trough(Reversible, no- Reversible);

● Stainless steel or concrete long feeding trough;


Because the strong offensive of boar, so the door takes latching connection, can quickly open and close, effectively avoid the damage from boar.

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