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What equipment does the new pig farm need to buy?


As the demand for pork continues to increase and the price of pigs continues to rise, there have been many new pig farms and expansion pig farms. The following is a brief introduction to the purchase of equipment for pig farms:

Pig farm equipment includes pen equipment, feeding equipment, ventilation and cooling equipment, disinfection and cleaning equipment, etc.


Pig farm

1. Pen equipment mainly includes four series: fattening pig pen, nursery crate, farrowing crate and self closing pen. Each series is divided into many sub categories, as well as various specifications and models. 

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Farrowing crate

2. Feeding equipment, including feeding trough and drinking water system.

Select appropriate automatic feeding equipment according to the financial strength of pig farm and pig farm construction. As the main feeding tool, there are stainless steel and barrel trough. The stainless steel pig trough saves material, but the cost is high. The barrel pig trough can also realize the automatic feeding function. There are two specifications of dry and wet trough, which are widely used in many small pig farms. Drinking water equipment for pigs includes water nipples, water bowls and other drinking fountains. 

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Pig feeder

3. Ventilation and cooling equipment.

Although ventilation is an effective means of cooling, it can only reduce the room temperature to close to the ambient temperature outside the room. Commonly used cooling systems in piggery include coling pad system, fan cooling system and spraying system. Because the humidity of the spraying system is large, it is not suitable for farrowing crate and nursery crate. cooling pad system, fan cooling system is a mature evaporation cooling system, and its evaporation cooling efficiency can reach 75% ~ 90%, which has been gradually widely used all over the world. 

Cooling Pad System

4. Disinfection equipment.

There are high pressure cleaning machines, flame disinfector and Knapsack sprayers commonly used in pig farms. The combination of flame sterilizer and drug disinfection has good effect. First, disinfect it with drugs and disinfect with flame sterilizer, and sterilization can be more than 95%.

Piggery disinfection

5. Cleaning equipment.

In modern pig farms, fecal leakage floor is generally laid on the fecal and urine ditch. After pigs excrete on the fecal leakage floor, urine flows into the fecal ditch along with the gap, and feces fall onto the fecal leakage floor and fall into the fecal ditch below after being trampled, so as to avoid the contact between pigs and feces, which is conducive to preventing and reducing the occurrence of epidemic diseases. View more about: (Pig slat)

Pig slat