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Spraying system
Spraying system
Spraying system
Spraying system
Spraying system

Spraying system

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● Rapid cooling, No wet

● Humidity can be increased to maximum 60%--70% according to requirement.

● Effective dedusting,reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases of livestock and poultry.

● The right temperature make livestock and poultry faster grow and reduce attacks on each other.

● Disinfect house when birds are inside.

● Disinfect house completely and uniformly without blind corner.

● Well-known brand motor with long life

● Water source enter pump group after going through multi-filters with Honeycomb Type filter core, at 50μm /hole.

● There are 3 foggy lines in standard house, and each nozzle with two spraying hole every 3m to ensure spray into every corner.

● Side pipe is anti–high pressure PE pipe and able to endure high pressure of 100kg, anti-corrosive.

● Main pipe is made of anti high pressure copper tube, from which two ways are divided, to ensure homogeneous atomizing granule everywhere under identical spraying pressure.

● Special copper nozzle, with flat stainless steel chips.


● Cooling and Humidification:  water pressure near to pipe orifice reaches 70bar, compressed water spray in atomization status and absorb large amount of heat, so as to achieve the effect of cooling and humidification. 

● Dedusting and Disinfection: Water mist sprayed can purify the air in the process of decline.Meantime, we also can add water-soluble disinfectant to the water.Spray system is the best disinfectant product when birds are in the house.

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