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5000-10000 broiler poultry chicken commercial farm introduction


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5000-10000 broiler poultry chicken commercial farm introduction


With the large-scale and automation of broiler breeding, the consumption of broilers worldwide is also increasing every year. People's increasing demand for broilers has led to a wave of broiler breeding, especially in many countries in Africa and Asia.

Broiler house

Many farmers want to try broiler farming and hope to get a certain return. Compared with layer chickens, broilers have a shorter growth cycle, most commercial broilers reach slaughter weight between 4 and 7 weeks of age, so it will be a very profitable business.


Among many customers we contact, they often want to start from a small number. According to our statistics, most farmers want to start from a commercial broiler farm with 5000-10000 chickens. For houses and equipment, we provide the following suggestions for your reference:


The first thing is the design of the poultry house. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of broiler houses for customers to choose: open and closed. They have their own different characteristics. 

Open briler chicken house

(Open chicken house)

Open chicken house: it is characterized by open walls / windows around. Most of these poultry houses rely on natural ventilation and natural lighting. Of course, some customers will add additional ventilation and lighting equipment.


Advantages: simple structure, lower cost, suitable for customers with small breeding quantity and low budget.

Notice: due to the use of natural ventilation and light, the environment in the chicken house is unstable (temperature, humidity, etc.), which is greatly affected by the outside world, the temperature is too high or too low to use an open house. Because the environment is not so ideal, the feed conversion ratio of broiler will be lower. The growth situation is not as good as the closed chicken house.

Closed broiler chicken house

(Closed chicken house)

Closed chicken house: also known as environmental control system chicken house. The airtightness of the poultry house is very good, and the internal environment is manually / automatically adjusted.


Advantages: compared with the open chicken house, its floor area is reduced by about one time. Equipped with environmental control system, such as ventilation system, cooling pad system, air inlet system, pannel door system, etc. It does not depend on external natural conditions, provides the most ideal environment for broiler growth, the feed conversion ratio will be higher than that of open chicken houses. And is suitable for large-scale breeding.

Notice: compared with open chicken houses, farmers need higher budgets and relatively stable power supply system.


(the above are two different types of chicken house design, which can be used as a reference by customers according to their actual situation)


The size of the floor breeding chicken house is highly variable. Here we give an example. Assuming that the slaughter weight of broilers is 2.2kg, the size and layout of the house can be:

5000 broilers, open house: 70m * 10m * 2.4m (L*w*h), 2 feeding line (3 meter with 4 feed pan) + 3 drinking line (3 meter with 15 nipple)

5000 broilers, closed house: 35m * 10m * 2.4m (L*w*h), 2 feeding line (3 meter with 3 feed pan)+ 3 drinking line (3 meter with 12 nipple)


10000 broilers, open house: 103m * 15m * 2.4m (L*w*h), 2 feeding line (3 meter with 4 feed pan)+ 3 drinking line (3 meter with 12 nipple)

10000 broilers, closed house: 73m * 12m * 2.4m (L*w*h), 3 feeding line (3 meter with 3 feed pan) + 4 drinking line (3 meter with 15 nipple)


This is the size example of the floor breeding chicken house. If you want to get a more detailed plan for your chicken house, you can contact us. We will provide you with the best solution according to your actual situation, such as your land area, your local climate conditions, your budget, etc.