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How to reduce the cost of chicken farm


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How to reduce the cost of chicken farm ?


1.The trough structure and placement height should be reasonable.

If the feed trough is too small or too shallow, it is easy to overflow and cause waste. If the feed trough is too large or too deep or placed too high, it will affect the feeding and growth of chickens. Generally speaking, it is advisable to place the edge above the height of about 2 cm above the chicken's back.

feed trough

2.The feeding amount should be appropriate.

According to statistics, the waste rate is about 12% when the feed is added to 2/3 of the trough, about 5% when added to 1/2, and about 2% when added to 1/3. Therefore, each feeding amount should not exceed 1/3 of the depth of the feeding trough.

3.Beak timely.

Beak breaking of chicks at 6-9 days of age can not only effectively reduce feed waste, but also prevent chicken beak addiction.

Broken beak device

4.Weigh regularly

Not restricting feed to overweight chickens will not only make chickens overweight and affect egg production, but also waste feed. Therefore, the chickens need to be weighed from time to time and kept separately according to the weight of the chickens.

chicken farm

5.Scientific storage feed.

Especially in summer and autumn, the feed is easy to be damp and moldy or deteriorate due to increased fat oxidation, which reduces the feed value and causes waste. Therefore, the storage of feed should be protected from light, ventilation, moisture, and insects, and feed as little as possible in the rainy season.

6.The feed ratio should be reasonable and the nutrients should be balanced.

Chickens cannot absorb the nutrients in the feed without limit. If the feed mix is unreasonable, too much nutrients can only be wasted; the feed is too coarse, and the feed with different particle sizes will be quickly excreted after being eaten by the chickens. cause waste. Therefore, the full-stage feed should be used reasonably, such as self-compounding, which should be prepared in strict accordance with the standard

7.Deworm regularly.

Infection of chickens with parasites will directly affect nutrient absorption. Therefore, chickens generally need to be dewormed once every 60 days, and they need to be dewormed once before the start of production.

Infection of chickens

8.Prevention and control of bird, rat and animal damage.

Rats and birds not only spread disease, but also eat a lot of feed. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly do a good job in the prevention and control of bird damage and animal damage.

chicken farm

9.Eliminate sick chickens and low-yielding chickens at any time.

10.The temperature of the chicken house should be suitable.

When the temperature is too low in winter, the chickens need to increase the heat by increasing the feed intake, and the feed loss is about 10%, which will cause waste. Therefore, it is also very important to keep warm in winter and cool down in summer.

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