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What are the effects of environmental control system for chickens?


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What are the effects of environmental control system on farmed chickens?



During the construction of the chicken house, the environmental control system is one of the most important components. Generally speaking, the environmental control system includes the control of temperature, humidity and ventilation. So why is the environmental control system so important? What are the effects of temperature and humidity on chicken breeding? Before we clarify this problem, we might as well understand how chickens use physiological structures to dissipate heat.

How does a chicken use its physiological structure to dissipate heat?

Chickens convert feed and water into energy, use energy to maintain the function and temperature of organs and muscles, and gain weight. But they can't convert all the energy, so they will produce excess heat. Chickens usually release their own heat through the following four ways:

1. Conduction heat dissipation: reduce its own temperature by conducting heat to low-temperature objects in direct contact.

2. Radiation heat dissipation: the body that continuously metabolizes heat becomes a heat source relative to the equipment and walls with low temperature in the chicken house. The body radiates the heat in the body to distant objects through the air in the form of heat radiation.

3. Evaporation and heat dissipation: when the humidity in the air in the house is low, poultry can breathe quickly through opening their mouth to promote water evaporation and take away heat.

4. Convective heat dissipation: the continuous expansion and sagging of wings expose more epidermis to the air, and the flowing air forms the wind, taking away the heat of the epidermis.


Why is environmental control system so important?

The ability of chicks to regulate their body temperature is particularly weak. They usually need an air temperature of about 90 ° F and appropriate humidity. At this temperature and humidity, chicks will feel very comfortable. But as chicks grow, the air temperature they need gradually decreases, and the final temperature is about 70 ° F. In the process of raising chickens, appropriate temperature and humidity can not only make chickens grow very comfortable, but also have an important impact on the quality of chickens, but also improve their own immunity.

Traditional chicken farms rely on artificial feeling to control ventilation. In this case, it is difficult for people to accurately control temperature, humidity and ventilation. Especially in emergencies such as sudden drop of temperature at night, untimely treatment will lead to temperature stress and even death of chickens, thus affecting production, Bring huge losses to farmers.

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What are the effects of temperature, humidity and ventilation on farmed chickens?

With the increase of temperature in the chicken house, the mechanism efficiency of chicken body heat emission is becoming lower and lower. The chicken's body temperature begins to rise gradually, and there will be a decline in appetite and growth rate. If the situation is not controlled, the chicken will eventually die. In order not to make this happen, we can reduce the temperature in the chicken house by ventilation, and the chicken will take away its own heat through the colder air.

At the same time, higher humidity will bring some trouble to farmers. There are dust, dander and feces in the chicken house. Many viruses and bacteria will adhere to their surfaces, such as ND, MD, ILT, IBD, Salmonella, etc. The humid environment brings ideal breeding conditions for viruses and bacteria, which are also the main cause of chicken diseases. At the same time, too much water in the air will react with chicken feces and produce harmful gases such as ammonia, which will threaten the health of chickens.

Therefore, in order to avoid these adverse effects, farmers will change the ventilation to control the temperature and humidity in the chicken house to create a more suitable breeding environment. At the same time, they will also use some supporting facilities to achieve the purpose, such as:

Spraying system: It transforms water into water mist and absorbs a lot of heat to achieve the effect of cooling and humidification. At the same time, we can also add water-soluble disinfectant to the water. Spray system is the best disinfection product for birds in chicken house. For more information about spraying system: https://www.qingdaoejoy.com/spraying-system.html

Fan system: It achieves the effect of ventilation through the rotation of the fan, so as to change the temperature. For more information about fan system: https://www.qingdaoejoy.com/red-wings-butterfly-cone-fan.html

Cooling pad system: The water will flow evenly into the cooling pad. When the external air enters the chicken house through the cooling pad, the air temperature will be reduced by it. For more information about cooling pad system: https://www.qingdaoejoy.com/cooling-pad-system.html

Raising chickens is not a simple matter. It is a very delicate work that requires a lot of patience and energy. We hope that we can bring some help to your chicken house through our article. If you want to get more professional knowledge, please send an inquiry to our website https://www.qingdaoejoy.com/contact.html, and our product manager will provide you with professional services.