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5000-10000 layer poultry chicken commercial farm introduction


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5000-10000 layer poultry chicken commercial farm introduction


Layer poultry farming is to raise egg laying chickens for the purpose of egg production. Layer chicken birds shall be breed from 1 day old till 18-20 weeks, the layers start to lay eggs from 21 weeks till 72 weeks, the egg laying rate will increase from 5%-10%-20%-40%, till 28 weeks, the egg laying rate can reach 90%. at the layer age around 50 weeks, the egg laying productivity will at the peak time. 

Layer chicken house design

Commercial egg layer production farm is very profitable business,Some client from Africa have interest to start layer breeding business from small size, for the equipment and house design, we have the below suggestions.

For 5000 layers per house, the most cost efficient way is to use A frame layer cage system with manual feeding, manual manure cleaning in opened house,  the house size shall be at 51mx7mx3m, two row, 3 tiers.

For the cost of the cage, the cage mesh and support material effect the cost a lot, for detailed information of the layer cage material, please refer: https://www.qingdaoejoy.com/wire-mesh-introduction.html for more detailed introduction.

manual layer chicken cage

For 10000 layers productivity per house in African country, we suggest A frame layer cage system, with automatic manure scraping cleaning system.

in closed house, with full set environmental controlled system. The house size shall be at 66mx12mx2.5m, 3 row, 3 tiers. 

layer chicken cage

For the brooder breeding, that is breed baby chicks from day old till 18 weeks, the most cost efficient way is to breed on the floor with automatic floor breeding system.

brooder breeding

Commercial layer chicken breeding is very profitable business, in order to get chicks, you need certain capacity incubator for chicks production.