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Cage delivery to Africa Country- Ghana Agricultral Ministry


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Cage delivery to Africa Country- Ghana Agricultral Ministry


Africa, especially Ghana, has developed rapidly in recent years and has a high demand for protein. With the revitalization of the country and the rise of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, it is inevitable that the livestock and poultry industry will go abroad. So, is it feasible  to  asssit raise layer hens in Ghana?

loading cage mesh     loading cage mesh

There are many advantages of laying hen cages, among which the most important ones are the following: ①Higher density, saving houses and saving land. In the same ground and building, cages can raise 3 to 5 times more layers than flat rearing (15-25 per square meter), and layer cages can be mechanized and automated, and the labor efficiency is high. . ②High feed utilization rate. Chickens have little activity in the cage, consume less energy, consume less feed, and have a higher feed return than flat rearing. At the same time, because the trough is placed outside the cage, it is not easy to cause waste to throw away the feed. ③It is convenient to prevent and control the spread of diseases. Laying hens are raised in cages with less dust and the chicken body is not in contact with feces, which reduces the chance of disease transmission. Moreover, due to the relatively fixed position of the chickens, diseased chickens are easily detected early through feces, changes in feed intake, etc., so that early measures can be taken. ④High egg production rate and clean eggshell. The temperature and humidity in the caged chicken house are easy to control, which can provide the chickens with a high-yield and stable-yielding living condition. After the eggs are laid, they are not easily contaminated by feces, and the surface of the eggshell is relatively clean. ⑤Laying hen cages facilitate the adoption of feeding and management measures, such as restricted feeding, flock observation, production records, and chicken catching.

In Most of Africa country, the labor cost is very low and the shortage of power supply, it is very convenient and efficnet to adopt manual operation A frame cages. A frame layer cage product details.

For this government project, we adopt the most qualified hot dip galvanized cage mesh with Q235 low carbon wire, the cage can be used for more than 20 years,each part of the cage are of the top quality in the world. 

A frame layer cage product details

loading cage mesh     loading cage accessories

We expect more cooperation with friends from African country to promte our Manual egg production cage system, to do contribution of our part the Agricultral development of the African country.