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What's the importance of lighting and feeding control of caged broiler?


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What's the importance of lighting and feeding control of caged broiler?


How to raise caged broilers well? This is what most farmers thinking about every day. Every farmer wants to improve the survival rate and feed conversion ratio, increase the slaughter weight, and finally achieve the purpose of increasing the breeding benefit. High survival rate, feed conversion ratio and slaughter weight are inseparable from scientific feeding management. The most important one is scientific and reasonable light and feeding control.

Appropriate light can accelerate the weight gain rate of broilers, strengthen the blood circulation, enhance appetite, contribute to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and enhance immunity. However, if the illumination procedure of our chicken house is unreasonable, the illumination is too strong or too weak, and the illumination time is too long or too short, it will have an adverse impact on chickens.


The key is to do a good job of feeding and light control, control the growth rate of muscle in the early stage of chicks, adjust the light intensity, promote the growth and development of viscera and enhance the disease resistance of the body; To solve the problems of difficult treatment, high cost and high dead rate of broilers after late onset; Using the characteristics of light control and compensatory growth of broilers, control feed intake, reduce feed meat ratio, finally reduce breeding risk and improve the economic benefits of broiler growth.

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Feeding Control

The chicks in the first week are not recommended to control the material, because the development of the digestive system and immune system of the chicks is not perfect, and sufficient food intake needs to be guaranteed. The feeding control can be carried out after 12 days of age. It can start from one hour, when the chicken has finished feeding, control it for one hour to stop feeding. Gradually increase the feeding control time, which can increase by half an hour every day. The cumulative feeding time of one day can be controlled to 4 ~ 5 hours, no more than 6 hours. The longer the feeding control time, the hunger of the chicken increases and the feeding is very fast. In this way, the existence time of feed in the chute will be reduced, and the shorter the existence time of feed in the open environment, the breeding of bacteria and molds will be reduced, so as to reduce the risk of disease entering from the mouth.

At the same time, the chicken's crop is elastic and can store a lot of food. Frequent opening and closing is conducive to the development of the crop, thereby reducing the incidence of disease. At the same time, eating quickly, stimulates the glandular stomach to secrete digestive juice, stimulates the peristalsis of the gizzard, and indirectly achieves the effect of strengthening the stomach, thereby reducing the incidence of glandular gastritis.

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Lighting Control


The main purpose of lighting control is to let the chicken rest well, adjust the body balance and growth well. There is a standard for light control, it needs 24 hours of light in the first three days, because during this period, many chicks are still imitating each other and learning to eat. If the lights are turned off, the chickens may become dehydrated and die.


From day 4, you can turn off the lights. Turning off the lights gradually increases from half an hour. Don't turn off the lights too long within 7 days, up to about an hour (mainly to make the chickens get used to the stress reaction of suddenly stopping the lights). As mentioned above, chicks internal organs is immaturity. Turning off the light is not only for rest.


After 15 days, the liver of the chicken is gradually developed, the intestinal absorption function is sound, and the time of controlling light and feeding can be prolonged. At this time, a certain amount of fat is accumulated in the body of the chicken, and the feed intake will increase. When the feed in the chicken is digested, symptoms of hypoglycemia will not happen.

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Significance of control lighting and feeding


Reasonable light and feed control can regulate the metabolic balance of the body, reduce lung pressure, consume excess gastric acid, promote the development of viscera and intestines, improve the feed absorption and conversion rate, improve the immune disease resistance of chickens, and enhance the anti stress ability of chickens.


Control feeding and time can also promote appetite and ensure the uniformity of chickens. It will greatly reduce the situation that some chickens are strong and some chickens are weak.


Chickens need to rest after fast eating. At this time, can turn off the lights and control the light. The chicken reduced its activity after rest, but its internal organs were still digesting. Just like people who are full at night, they tend to gain weight when they sleep. Chicken is the same, so we can control lighting and feeding to achieve the purpose of weight gain.


Attention: Temperature of the chicken house when control the lighting


After turning off the lights and resting, the amount of activity decreases, the heat production of the chicken body decreases, and the temperature in the chicken house will drop. It can increase the temperature of the chicken house by 0.5 ~ 1 . At the same time, it is crucial not to reduce ventilation. The temperature cannot be increased by reducing ventilation.



The above method is a reference for caged broilers and is not suitable for all farms. Lighting control and feeding control should be combined with chicken breed, health level, seasonal temperature and feeding mode. For different chicken houses and different breeding varieties, we must use them in combination with the actual situation, and don't copy them all.