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Company news

XuChang Layer Farm Software Upgrading


On 20th of October, 2021, our service team visit farm to upgrade the software system to realize more function and easier operation of the farm management.

negative pressure gauge is very sensitive part in the house, the farm manager said the data presentation on the computer is not accurate, our technique find out due to the dust contamination of the gauge influence the data, the problem was solved as clean the gauge thoroughly.

In this farm, more than 400,000 layers stay in neat breeding cages and enjoy a constant temperature, clean and comfortable environment. the farm introduces most automatic laying hens breeding equipment and adopts intelligent management system, which can adjust the lighting, ventilation, temperature and other conditions in the chicken house at any time according to the needs of chickens. As adopting automatic intensive breeding, the cost of labor and environmental protection is greatly reduced, and the unit yield is also greatly improved. The person in charge of the farm base highly appreciate our intelligent cage breeding system.