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Farm address:Spain, Ganaderia, Riomon

Farm introduction: PU made piglet nursery house, 16 houses.  

Farm owener: Manolo Rio


Why pig Farming scale keep increasing in Spain, how spanish breed pigs?

The pig slaughtering volume in Spain has increased by 90% in 32 years, from 29 million in 1989 to more than 56 million in 2021. Comparing the production of live pigs in Spain with the production of other EU member states, the production of live pigs in Spain has increased like a rocket, but in other EU countries, their production has remained stable or declining.

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In 2020, Spain will develop a pig strategic plan aimed at making the country more efficient in the future.

Strategic Health Plan Pig health is a competitive advantage. Spain has been Preventing the entry of African swine fever successfully, due to modern management and epidemic prevention measures has been introduced to spain for many years.

Improve the productivity and litter size of sow farms, improve genetics, health, facilities and management.

Improving the feed efficiency (feed conversion rate) of the fine processing farm and using new products and by-products in the feed are generated by the research and development program.

The National Biosafety Plan, which is essential to maintain the health conditions that allow Spain to export to all countries.

Prioritize the use of biogas slurry as agricultural fertilizer and reduce the use of industrial fertilizers.

Develop a new manure treatment management system to reduce pollutant emissions and promote sustainable production.

Promote self-sufficient energy for farms through the use of photovoltaics, geothermal and biogas slurry, and all other economically viable energy alternatives.

Continue to be firmly committed to promoting the development of the Spanish pig industry in foreign markets through industry organizations that do such a good job.

Ejoy expect more strategic cooperation with more spanish pig farms and wholesaler to supply full set top quality pig farming equipment including pig crate and pig feeding equipment and other pig farming accessories to work together with EU advanced automatic control system in the near future. 

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