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RFID Ear Tag Reader 134.2Khz
RFID Ear Tag Reader 134.2Khz
RFID Ear Tag Reader 134.2Khz
RFID Ear Tag Reader 134.2Khz
RFID Ear Tag Reader 134.2Khz
RFID Ear Tag Reader 134.2Khz

RFID Ear Tag Reader 134.2Khz

Reader for RFID animal ear tags, smaller, lighter and stronger.

  • Added: 2021-09-08
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Electronic Ear Tag Readin


USB connnection, OLED screen, work for 3.5 hours


ISO11784/85 reading and verification

Reading Distance





7.4v 200mah, Rechargeable lithium battery, non-removable

Working Temperature



High-speed operation performance

with prefect compatibility and computing capability, high-speed operating efficiency is suitable for strict application requirement.


Convenient appearance design

Slim and ergonomics design, it is convenient and comfortable for holding and carrying.


Industrial grade durability

Solid and light body can bear the height of 1.2m dropping and 1000 times tumbled within the scope of 0.5m. Waterproof,dustproof provide long time using without fatiguet.


● Inductive data acquisition is adopted, that is, the current information can be read out by shaking the collector gently at the ear tag attachment of the inspection point, which is simple and convenient.

● The ear tag needs no wiring and is easy to install. The setting of code and the increase or decrease of inspection points are also simple and convenient.

● The system label has a unique ID code, which is durable, and the information cannot be tampered with or copied.

● Carry out intelligent tracking management for each livestock, and track the source livestock at the first time of the epidemic, so as to achieve timely prevention and control, trace the source and reduce the loss of livestock to the lowest point.

● Information management, transparency and timeliness. Managers at all levels can simply manage and quickly query various feeding information through the network.

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