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Stainless Steel Piglet Feeder
Stainless Steel Piglet Feeder

Stainless Steel Piglet Feeder

Ejoy Piglet feeder manufacture is made of 304 stainless steel with sooth surface,anticorrosion and no harm to piglets' mouth. 

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Diameter:  Ф25cm,Ф28cm,Ф32cm

Weight: 800g~1100g

Material :304 stainless steel

Used for nursery piglets


Material: Stainless steel,anti-corrosion 

Groove: groove deepening,more loading,not easy to spread,save food

Stainless steel accessories: Spring hook at the bottom can be fixed on the floor of pig crate for easy  feeding


Multiple sizes available for you to choose from.

Anticorrosion and easy to clean.

Preventing pigs from fighting when having feed.

Easy instalation

The spring accessories can prevent feeder from moving when eating feed.

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