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What harm does unprocessed poultry manure do to crops?


Whether dry or wet chicken manure is put into use without fermentation, it is easy to cause devastating disasters of cash crops such as greenhouse vegetables and orchards, resulting in huge economic losses to farmers.

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Eight disasters easily caused by unprocessed poultry manure:

1. Adverse effects on plant roots

After using chicken manure with incomplete fermentation, insert your hand into the soil, and you will feel that the soil temperature is high. Especially in winter and spring, the application of chicken manure has the greatest potential safety hazard, because at this time, the temperature in the greenhouse is high, and the fermentation of chicken manure will emit a lot of heat, resulting in too high temperature of plant roots, which will affect the growth of plants.

2. Salinize the soil

Chicken manure is used year after year, and a large amount of sodium chloride remains in the soil. On average, every 6 square meters of chicken manure contains 30-40 kg of salt, while every mu of land contains 10 kg of salt, which has seriously restricted the permeability and activity of the soil and solidified important elements such as phosphorus fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, boron and manganese, It restricts the improvement of crop yield and quality.

   chicken manure 

3. Acidify the soil

Because the PH value of chicken manure is about 4, it is extremely acidic and will acidify the soil, resulting in chemical trauma and serious damage to the stem base and root tissue, providing access and infection opportunities for a large number of virus bacteria, soil borne disease carrying bacteria and viruses carried by chicken manure, and diseases will break out once the humidity and temperature are reached.

The use of chicken manure with incomplete fermentation is very easy to cause plant wilting, yellow blight and even death.

4. Breeding parasites

Chicken manure is the camp and hotbed of root nematodes. The number of root knot nematode eggs carried by itself is 100 per 1000 grams. The nematode eggs in chicken manure are very easy to hatch, doubling tens of thousands overnight. The incidence of nematodes in soil in plots with chicken manure increases by more than 500%.

Nematodes are very sensitive to chemicals. After application, nematodes will quickly move to the depth of 0.5-1.5 meters underground to avoid, so it is difficult to cure.

5. Bring antibiotics into the soil

In the process of chicken feeding, China's feed contains a lot of hormones, and antibiotics are also used to prevent and control diseases. These will be brought into the soil through chicken manure, affecting the safety of agricultural products.

6. Generation of harmful gases

The decomposition of chicken manure produces methane, ammonia and other harmful gases, causing acid damage and root damage to soil and crops.


7. Cause root hypoxia

The use of chicken manure for years causes root hypoxia and slow growth. When chicken manure is applied to the soil, the oxygen in the soil is consumed in the decomposition process, making the soil temporarily in a state of hypoxia, which will inhibit the growth of crops.

8. Excessive heavy metals

Chicken manure contains a high amount of heavy metals such as copper, mercury, chromium, cadmium, lead and arsenic, as well as more hormone residues, resulting in excessive heavy metals in agricultural products, pollution of groundwater sources and soil, long transformation time from organic matter to humus and serious nutrient loss.

Therefore, before using chicken manure as fertilizer, it can only be put into the soil after harmless treatment. EJOY provides a complete set system with all equipment for our client, especially our poultry manure processing equipment:

manure drying machine

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