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How to design chicken house?-Layers


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How to design chicken house?-Layers


Many factors need to be considered in the building chicken house. How to design a layer house? What equipment is needed? This is a question faced by every new farmer.

Type of layer chicken house:

Before we begin the chicken house designs, we should know that there are basically 2 types of layer chicken house: open chicken house (ordinary house) and closed chicken house.

The most common form of open chicken house is that there are four walls with windows. The natural air circulation, light, temperature and environmental humidity will change with the seasons. This design is generally used in small chicken farms with appropriate temperature.

Open chicken house

(Open chicken house)

The closed chicken house is completely isolated from the external natural environment. The environment (such as temperature, humidity, ventilation, light, etc.) is adjusted by manual or automatic controllers to achieve the ideal environmental effect. This design is suitable for areas with large temperature changes.

Closed chicken house

(Closed chicken house)

Note: because the closed chicken house is equipped with environmental control system equipment, the cost will be higher than the open chicken house. The two different designs should consider the customer's local climatic conditions, breeding quantity and budget.

Type of chicken cage:

Whether manual or automatic, cage breeding is the most common layer breeding system. This feeding method has high breeding density, small floor area, saves feed, is also conducive to disease prevention, and is also suitable for large-scale breeding. There are two common cages in the market: A frame cage and H frame cage. Customers can choose according to their own situation, or consult our engineers at any time to get a solution.

A frame cage can be equipped with automatic feeding and drinking system and other equipment, or it also can be manual. There are 2 common specifications: 3-layer or 4-layer. It is applicable to the breeding quantity of less than 30,000 birds.

A frame chicken cage

(A fram layer chicken cage)

H frame cage is usually suitable for large-scale poultry farms, and is equipped with automatic equipment, such as automatic feeding and drinking system, automatic manual removal system, automatic egg collection system Compared with A frame cage, it can have more tiers and is suitable for breeding more than 30,000 birds. The quantity of breeding is more large, the more effective it is, so it is widely used in large-scale layer farms.

H frame chicken cage

(H fram layer chicken cage)

Basic requirements for chicken poultry house design:

1.Ground: the ground needs to be flat, moisture-proof, easy to clean, wash and disinfect. Cement is usually used for construction.

2.Wall: the wall is required to have good heat insulation performance, which is convenient for moisture-proof, washing and disinfection. Use brick walls, cement or steel structures to build.

3.Roof: double slope roof is usually adopted. In some hot areas, a covered exhaust area should be provided at the top of the roof to remove excess heat.

Exhaust area

(Exhaust area)

4.Doors and windows: if it is a closed chicken house, it is necessary to ensure that the doors and windows have good tightness.

5.Size of layer chicken house: Generally speaking, the length of house is generally controlled within 120 meters and the width is within 16 meters. Too long or too wide will not ensure adequate ventilation.

6.Orientation: when designing the orientation, it should be combined with the local wind direction, and ensure that the orientation of the chicken house is in the right direction, so as to achieve the optimal ventilation effect.

The above content briefly lists the points that should be paid attention to when designing the poultry house. The chicken farm building design is relatively complex and requires certain professional knowledge. If you want to start your poultry breeding business, please feel free to discuss with us. We will serve you wholeheartedly: +86 13395329830 (WhatsApp).