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Poultry house maintenance and management essentials


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What are the key elements of poultry house farming?


Other than the climate, location, or type of breed that could require some customisation, there are basic elements that every poultry house should contain to ensure the flock is comfortable and farming can be conducted easily.

Access: When building a poultry house it is important to keep in mind how those tending to your flock will enter the building to perform duties such as feeding, providing water, and cleaning. There should be no obstacles in the way of the workers performing this job.

Flooring: The flooring or bedding used should be comfortable for the chickens and ensure that eggs are safe as they are being laid if one has a  laying farm.

Hygiene: Cleaning should be very easy to perform in a well-designed poultry house. When hygiene is applied correctly in poultry farming, diseases and deaths will be kept under control.

Lighting: It is important to ensure that your chickens receive the correct amount of light and heating to ensure they operate optimally.

Ventilation: Without proper ventilation, one's flock can become sick and contract diseases easily.

Waste Disposal: It is important to have an effective waste disposal system in place as one needs to remove bad eggs or the carcasses of birds as they die.

Divisions: One must ensure that different breeds and ages are separated within a poultry house as too much intermingling can cause diseases, increase deaths, and make feeding harder. Thus, it will be less efficient in the long run.

Poultry House Construction Cost

Depending on the size and intricacy of a poultry house the cost can vary dramatically. It is best to contact a variety of poultry house construction companies in your area to compare quotes and decide from there who will give you the best value versus cost.

Poultry House Construction Companies 

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