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What kind of place is suitable for building a chicken house?


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What kind of place is suitable for building a chicken house?


A reasonable chicken farm site should meet the conditions of high dry and flat terrain, sunny shelter, good drainage, good isolation conditions, far away from pollution, convenient transportation, sufficient and reliable water and electricity, etc. The site selection should be comprehensively measured according to the nature of breeding, natural conditions and social conditions. The following aspects should be considered:

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1. The chicken farm site should be located in areas vulnerable to flood, such as high and dry terrain, sufficient sunshine, far away from swamps and lakes, and away from the bottom of mountains and valleys. The underground water level is below 2m, the terrain is on the historical flood line, and it should be in the leeward and sunny place. The air in the site is circulating without eddy current. Summer is conducive to ventilation and winter is conducive to heat preservation. Faults, landslides, collapses and underground bogs shall be avoided. It is required that the soil has strong air permeability, low moisture absorption and thermal conductivity, uniform texture and strong compression resistance. Sandy loam is the most ideal. The terrain is open and tidy, which is conducive to building layout and establishment of protective facilities.


2. It meets the requirements of health and epidemic prevention and has good isolation conditions. The site is located far away from villages and densely populated areas, and its distance depends on factors such as chicken farm scale, fecal sewage treatment mode and capacity, residential area density and perennial main wind direction, with the ultimate goal of minimizing interference and pollution hazards. There are no large chemical plants, mines, other chicken farms and livestock farms nearby.


3. The water source is sufficient and reliable, including surface water, groundwater and precipitation. The amount of resources and water supply capacity should meet the total needs of the chicken farm, with convenient access, labor-saving, simple treatment and good water quality. A large amount of clean water is needed in the process of chicken breeding, and water is also needed for the cleaning and disinfection of sheds and appliances. Conditional farmers should consider drilling wells and building water towers near the built chicken farms. The water quality is required to meet the requirements of pollution-free food and drinking water quality.


4. The power supply is stable, which not only ensures to meet the maximum power demand, but also requires normal power supply throughout the year, convenient and economical connection. It is better to have two-way power supply conditions or self-contained generator and power distribution device


5. The terrain shall be open, and the ground shall be flat or slightly sloped to facilitate the discharge of sewage and rainwater. Do not be too narrow and too many corners, otherwise it is not conducive to the layout of farms and other buildings and the disinfection of sheds and sports grounds.


6. Convenient transportation. It is far away from the trunk road and other farms, with a distance of at least 1km, so as to ensure the normal transportation, sales and transportation of goods and feed.


7. Suitable area. The area of construction land should meet the needs of aquaculture, and it is best to leave space for future development. For example, the construction of a farm with 10000 laying hens generally covers an area of 2500 square meters. If future development is considered, the area will be increased.