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Padding management of floor breeding broiler


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Padding management of floor breeding broiler


Generally, broilers are raised in two different ways: floor breeding and cage breeding. When raising broilers on the ground, broiler house must use padding. This paper will discuss how to use the padding reasonably in the process of breeding. 

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1. The padding must be fresh, dry and free from mildew.

Mildewed bedding spread on the ground of the chicken house will reduce the resistance of the chicken and easily lead to fungal pneumonia, resulting in serious losses to farmer.


2. The padding shall be stored reasonably.

Pay attention to the storage of padding. Even if the padding is not mildewed, due to the long storage period, it will continue to absorb moisture in the air, eventually it will lose most of its ability to absorb moisture.

When this kind of padding is spread to the chicken house, its ability to absorb moisture is limited. On the contrary, it is easy to make the chicken house more humid, and it will also induce respiratory diseases of chickens.

Sunlight can take away most of the moisture in the padding. This padding should be fully sunned before use and used after disinfection, drying and sterilization by sunlight.


3. Thickness of padding.

The thickness of  padding in summer shall be thinner than that in winter. The thickness of padding shall not be less than 75px. It shall be turned frequently to prevent diseases caused by damp padding;

The thickness of padding in winter should not be less than 200px, which is conducive to keeping warm. The thicker padding and the heat generated by chicken manure fermentation can also improve the room temperature.


4. Pay attention to the moisture of the padding.

The humidity of padding determines the health status of chickens. If the padding is too dry, the dust in the house will cause respiratory diseases of chickens; If the padding is too wet, the reproduction of bacteria will be enhanced at the appropriate temperature, the probability of coccidiosis in chickens will be higher, and the survival time of the virus will be longer. If the ventilation is insufficient during this period, the ammonia concentration in the house will remain for a long time, which will directly or indirectly induce diseases.

The above 4 points are what must be paid attention to in floor breeding. Once a certain link goes wrong, it is easy to induce diseases. In terms of management, attention to details, strengthening ventilation and keeping warm, and paying close attention to the chickens can keep the chickens healthy.